Alicia Keys has captured the hearts of music fans, yet her most recent endeavor may
prove to be one of her most poignant.
“We are Here” is her 2014 song release, as
well as the name of her global campaign to bring peace to our world that is often
plagued by tragedies and violence. Mrs. Keys made a bold, eye-catching kick-off to her
campaign by posting an artistically appropriate, (but) nude photo on her Instagram. The
photo easily caught world-wide attention as, the very pregnant Keys, is shown with
only a white peace sign painted over her glowing belly, and a message that states …

“It’s you and me on a mission to create a kinder and more peaceful world. The
#WeAreHere Movement begins today.”
The “Superwoman” is Poised to
Spread Love and Peace
We Are Here has partnered with several reputable organizations that are already doing
great work in local communities and throughout the world. The website, invites people to join their voices together to change our
world. Alicia asks people to look within and answer the simple question
“why am I
In discovering her own answer to that question, she gave life to the We Are
Here Movement
and her vision for its existence. Mrs. Keys hopes for “an empowered
global community in which all people are heard, respected, equal, and treated with
Alicia leaves us with this challenge … “we are here to choose Unity, Love,
Forgiveness and Compassion and to acknowledge our individual and collective
POWER to change the status quo — and to do so peacefully. It doesn’t have to be a
dream anymore.”