His neighbors were outside trying to put the fire out with garden hoses, his
daughter was frantically screaming to him to come out of the house, and
Ms. Beth Lenderach had her cell phone out catching the whole scene on
video. Many others were standing by watching, but all of them were too
frightened to face the flames and periodic explosions they were hearing …
so God sent an “Angel.”

A total stranger (nicknamed Angel by the witnesses) appeared on the
scene and immediately went directly through the smoke and into the
burning building. He would emerge a short while later carrying Mr. Robert
Wells over his shoulders as you will
see in the video. Then, as suddenly
as he had appeared, the angel was gone. It turned out not to be an “angel”
per se. It was actually a Good American named Thomas Artiaga. But you
would have a very hard time convincing Mr. Wells that Thomas was not an
actual angel sent by God.   
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A California Angel