November 10th is our birthday. The United States
Marine Corps was born on this day in 1775 in Tun
Tavern Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Corps has
since grown into a proud family steeped in tradition.
We use words such as honor, courage, commitment,
and valor as a way of life! We took an Oath to
“defend the United States of America against any
enemy foreign or domestic,” and we honor that Oath!

To honor that Oath we train hard, and that hard
training for this Recruit started at Marine Corps
Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, CA! When we got
off that bus and stepped onto those yellow footprints,
it was like stepping into another world; a parallel
universe! We were orientated for 2 days; and not just
a regular job orientation, but an orientation to
prepare us to be part of an elite fighting machine. As
a recruit, I still remember Senior Drill Instructor Sgt.
Romans arriving at the receiving barracks and
accepting the platoon (Company H aka Heartbreak
Hotel Platoon 2054) from the receiving barracks Drill
Instructors and marching us across MCRD to our
barracks. It was our 1st attempt at marching and it
wasn't going well: "Hippty hop mob stop!" But within
the next 11 weeks we got much better at drill,
physical training, marksmanship, and yes, hand to
hand combat! We learned how to live up to our name
and keep our honor clean!
watch this video of Marine
recruits arriving for boot camp

Every Marine remembers the gas chamber, the rifle
range, the parade deck, the forced marches up and
down mountains and
Victory Tower, and of course
'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' — where recruits got
to use
pugil sticks to defend the bridge. This recruit
stayed dry. OOH RAH!
“Happy Birthday Marine!!!”
In a 13 week period, we trained hard and shed blood, sweat and tears to earn the title of
United States Marine. It was a title that was well worth our 13 weeks in boot camp and it
was a great feeling on Aug 31, 1990 when Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Romans stepped onto
the Quarter Deck as we stood there dressed in our Class "C" Dress Blues for graduation
and gave his final speech to us. He was proud of the Marines we had become and wanted
to be the first to welcome us to the Corps and call us United States Marines aka Devil
Dogs! So with that being said, I raise my glass to every Marine, past, present and Future.
Happy Birthday Marine, aka Teufel Hunden, aka Devil Dog, aka Leatherneck, aka Jarhead!